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iTunes sync


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May 20, 2011
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Costa del Sol, Spain
I have an iPad and an iPhone, I watch music videos on my iPad.

The problem I have is when I sync the iPhone unless I remember to untick the music videos in iTunes before I sync the iPhone they are all uploaded to the iPhone using up a massive amount of space.

Is there a way to stop this without having to remember to untick the items I only want on the iPad????

Many thanks in advance for any replies!

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If you choose to manually manage music & videos instead of automatically update when connected, that will keep any unwanted items off of your iPhone. These options can be found on the summary page when you connect your device and launch iTunes.

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Yes, just make sure you've unchecked auto synch for videos.

You have to unclick only once. It'll stayed unchecked for future synching till you click otherwise. I have a bunch of iDevices synched to the same iTunes account, and iTunes automatically remembers their individual synching profiles.
OK, question about iTunes syncing.....I have an ipad2 and when I hook it to the computer for updates or i've gotten some new apps (from the iPad) and copied or deleted pics, etc. When I tell it to sync, it ALWAYS re syncs EVERYTHING! I.E. Even the apps that it has had since day one (with no updates for them). I just want to sync the NEW stuff. Cause it takes quite a while to do everything every time. Can I even do this?

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