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Issues with screen flickering and pixels following upgrade to IOS 5


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Mar 5, 2012
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Dubai, UAE
Hi all, I wanted to find out if anyone else had experienced this issue (or indeed had a fix) with their Ipad 2. I upgraded the software as prompted by Itunes and immediately had an issue with the pixels. It only happens in a couple of games and whenever I play movies (using CineX or Ace player). I have posted a photo of the screen on the start up page of Fifa 2012.
I have wiped the ipad, restored it, done hard reset, soft reset and cannot get rid of the issue. I contacted Apple in the UAE but they couldn't look at it as I bought the device in the USA.
The device is Verizon 3G 63GB version.

Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.




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Hmm, I've had problems with pixels acting strangely on my iPad before now, but nothing as severe as this. Have you tried taking it back to an apple store and asked them for advise, I wouldn't normally say this would be a route to take but you seem to have exhausted all the other pointers I could give you already! Do the bars of pixels that appear have an underlying picture or pattern in them that you can pick out? It could be a clue.

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