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Issues signing in to download


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Oct 21, 2011
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Just recently, I discovered that when I want to download an app from the app store it has issues signing in and downloading. Then, I am told to check the security code on my credit card. I input all the correct information including my security code, but it informs me that it's invalid. Well, it's not invalid and will not allow me to download anything, even free apps. Has anybody faced this issue and know what to do? Thanks.
You call Apple customer support (or contact them via the email link in iTunes, actually). Apple is highly motivated to make sure you can spend your money.

Note, there has been a recent Apple Store Account phishing email going around, so I'm hoping this has nothing to do with you.

Apple Store Account Phishing Scam
Thanks for the help. Hopefully, nothing has gone wrong. Thanks, again!
Check that your address on your card matches your iTunes profile address. This happened to me for that reason.

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