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Is the IPAD 2 able to use pdf for slideshow?


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Sep 6, 2012
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I am a novice and complete amateur with apple products. My boss asked me to take my 62 slide (62 images) PowerPoint presentation and convert it to a .pdf w/ a timed slideshow that loops. Doing this was very simple. I saved the PowerPoint with all of my slideshow settings and converted it to .pdf as a she requested.

For an upcoming travel meeting she will be using a AAXA M2 micro-projector and IPAD 2 to present the .pdf version of the PowerPoint as a slideshow if possible. We have all of the cords necessary for the M2. We have VGA cords with Apple VGA female to Docking Station cord, USB input and also HDMI cable.

I understand that this presentation could easily be used by saving the slideshow as a .pdf onto a USB flash disk. However, my boss would like to utilize her IPAD 2 and also learn some of it's capabilities for presenting documents (such as .pdf PowerPoints w/ timed slideshow).

I apologize if this is oversimplified or too vague of an issue. What I am really hoping is that someone may be able to point me in the right direction as far as purchasing apps for the IPAD 2 or if there is a program within the IPAD 2 as a default program that would achieve the same end goal of using a PowerPoint .pdf file and viewing it as a timed slideshow that loops .
The only app I could come up with that may help is App Store - Slideshow Remote
Read about in the app store or the author's site. The Lite version is free but they do have a Pro version paid as well.
By saving the PP to a PDF you basically have "flattened" the PP to a PDF file for viewing one page at a time. All your timing settings, etc are lost in the PDF. Adobe has an app Adobe Reader that works on the iPad but again it's one page at a time controlled by the user not timed or loop capable. Hope this helps.
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