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iPad2 3G Jailbreakers - IOS5 WARNING - 1 DAY TO GO!


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Sep 20, 2011
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any iPad 2 on 4.3.5 is NOT jailbroken, and i would suggest you upgrade to iOS 5(Oct 12th)...as i don't see a jailbreak happening for 4.3.5.
So go to iOS 5 and wait like everyone else, until a jailbreak is announced....Once a jailbreak for iOS 5 is available, this forum will have that info within seconds to minutes.

iPad 2's are only jailbreakable on 4.3.3 at this present moment...ONLY 4.3.3(nothing else).

Now read this thread again....what is mentioned, will only affect the 3G versions, not WiFi versions of the iPad 2.

Thank you!!, so yes I´ll have to wait for IOS 5 :D and yes I know thats why I was asking, I Have an Ipad 2 3G which came with
4.3.5 .... thank You! :)


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