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iPad Release Date


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Jan 17, 2010
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When will the iPad be released?

While Apple has not released an exact date, they did say during the unveiling the iPad Wireless model would be available for US customers in sixty days. We should start seeing these units in Apple Stores late March 2010.

The Apple iPad 3G Version should hit stores around the end of April 2010.

In Canada expect a release sometime in June 2010.

Currently, Apple has not provided release dates outside the US and Canada.

We will continue to update this thread as new information comes out.
Good to know. Now i know how much money to save up and how fast i have to get it.
MAYbe sooner 3G

We received an e-mail from Apple at our Apple Service center, it states the 60 days also for WiFi units to be available, but 15 days thereafter the 3G models will appear. ;)
Thats good news. I wonder when Apple will release the official date?
When the first wifi iPads are released will they be available in all three different storage sizes in March?:ipad-movie:
also to further answer the question in post #1

the ipad cannot be pre-ordered/sold/released, until it has received FCC approval. Which if you read the bottom of the apple website concerning the ipad, it says just that. In fact it is not legal for them to offer it for sale until its approval.

the reason it is not ready is that apple wanted to keep the ipad a secret until its scheduled release date, and giving the FCC a unit to test would have undoubtably caused a leak and ruined it.

further, when the iphone was released it took about 30 days from the release date for the FCC to approve the device. So we can ASSUME (rembmer the how to spell the word...) ASSUME that it might take the same amount of time to get approval for the ipad.

so, 30 days from Jan 27 would be approx Feb 27, (4 days away from this posting) that FCC approval might be had. at which point i would expect the ipad to go on sale in both store and online.

as for me, I have never wanted a gadget so bad. Not because it is just a new thing, but becuase of all the things i can and will use it for. It will essentially become my day planner, except it will be like a day planner on crack. I will take it everywhere i go.

I can't hardly wait.
Windex: I can only pray that your speculation comes true and it actually goes on sale in stores on the 27th. I have the cash set aside and you'd better believe I'd be first in line at my local Apple Store. To get it a month earlier than I'd hoped would be wonderful, especially given the stress I've been under lately. I could use the boost.

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