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iPad has exceeded my expectations but still a few issues

As much as I hate missing out stuff b.c of flash, I applaud steve jobs for not supporting it. Flash is zan abomination and needs to die. Since it won't die on it's own, people need to kill it. Apple can help lead the way.

As for multitasking, try jailbreak if you can't wait till fall. It's so easy now. Look in the hacking section of this forum.
Last night, since my TV was out, I tried watching something on the ABC app. It worked great, but they really need some new programming. I am not about to watch the Bachorette.:p

Also, why can't you use YouTube and surf at he same time or open multiple windows of the browser because I like to listen to music from YouTube and surf at the same time. But to use one, the other needs to stop.

Actually you can do just this. Try the iPad app SoundBox For Youtube.

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