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iPad Air - Springtomize Odd Behavior


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May 4, 2010
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Warwick, RI
The most recent update of Springtomize broke its functionality on my iPad Air using IOS 8.4.

I didn't update to 9.XX because Springtomize wasn't available for that version of IOS and when Springtomize became available for IOS 9.xx if you hadn't update to IOS 9.xx you were out of luck because Apple only offered IOS 9.3.

The problem is with having more icons on a page. If I change from 5 to 6 columns it works but only one icon can be on the last row. If I add an icon to the bottom row an icon will move to the next available page so there will still only be one icon on that bottom row.

I wrote the developer but never got a reply.

So........Does anyone have any suggestions that will fix this problem? Might I have a setting wrong? There is plenty of space between each icon so that shouldn't be the problem.

The previous version of Springtomize worked just fine.

Any help to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Well, I can be of no help, mainly because I haven't used Springtomize in years and also because I have an iPad Pro and am thus not jailbroken. So, if the developer can't help - I'm sorry.

But, I'm writing because when I did have my iPad jailbroken, I used a tweak called "More Icons" to put more rows and/or columns on the iPad. It worked very well on my iPad Air and I had a good number of rows and an extra column. I was running iOS 8.1.2 on the Air and, again, it was great.

So, although it's not an answer for Springtomize, maybe this alternative will do the job?

Sorry couldn't be of better help - hopefully someone else here has other suggestions. Good luck.


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