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  1. D

    Cant detect drive with ifile

    Hi, I recently jailbroke my ipad 2 with Taig. I am running 8.1. I bought and downloaded ifile in order to view and access my usb drives and my external harddrive, WD my passport ultra. I have plugged both into ipad (seperately) using a camera connection to usb and also using a dual usb cable...
  2. A

    Jailbreaked iPad doesn't reset & iTunes is stuck

    Hello guys, I reseted my iPad, because it had to less memory left. So I reseted it and didn't know that you can't reset jailbreaked iPads, because the jailbreak changes the iPads reboot files or something. Well the point is It is stuck in reseting iPad screen now and I can't shutdown it or...
  3. M

    Will jailbreaking iPad 1 enable it to run iOS 9?

    Is it possible to run iOS 9 on my ancient iPad 1 if I jailbreak it? If not, does anyone know of an email app for the iPad 1 that still works to check gmail? Thanks P.S. I have no idea why it says "Exclamation" in the title of this thread!
  4. J

    iPad Air - Springtomize Odd Behavior

    The most recent update of Springtomize broke its functionality on my iPad Air using IOS 8.4. I didn't update to 9.XX because Springtomize wasn't available for that version of IOS and when Springtomize became available for IOS 9.xx if you hadn't update to IOS 9.xx you were out of luck because...
  5. O

    install whatsapp on ipad

    good day i need to install whatsapp on my ipad 4 ,, i used to install it using iphone and itools or ifunbox after upgrading to ios 9.0.2 im not able to use same way any new way to install it???