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iPad 2 software update


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Mar 14, 2012
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Every time I try to do the ipad2 software update it comes up saying error has accured anyone got any advice


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May 8, 2011
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Dorset, United Kingdom
Hi and welcome to the forum!
We're going to need some more info if we're going to be of any help. Are you syncing over wifi or with it plugged in and what version are you currently using? Also, if there's an error code or any other info you can give on the error please say. Thanks.
On a side note I thought I'd give you some advice on using the forum :)...
I'd recommend reading the forum rules and looking at some of the stickies threads on here. Many of them are very useful, if you have time (and you'll need quite a bit) I'd also recommend reading the tips and tricks thread (search for it using the search bar) as that has some really useful pointers in it. A friendly reminder about any questions you may have, it's always best to search function to find something out first as the chances are your query has been answered before, whats more you'll often get a faster answer as it can take a while for someone to come along that can help sometimes. If however, you search to no avail, go ahead and post something (preferably in the correct section [speeds up your answer and makes less work for the admins]), chances are someone will be able to help.

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Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi Kaz,

MrLuke has given you a great start. We certainly will need some ore information-especially what version you are currently on.


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