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Ipad 2 shut down itself


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Feb 7, 2012
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My iPad 2 3G when I'm browsing web by safari it shut down itself and couldn't restart for a set time <<<< it could be open after it shut down but just until the apple logo came out and it shut again...
I just get my sim for my iPad did it the problem of my sim because it will no happen before I get my sim for it...
Could anyone tell me how to dissolve it?
It happening a few time I am so scare
Ok... It will happen every time when I'm browsing web by safari and it crashed and suddenly shut down itself... It could be open again but it just only open until the apple logo and crashing there for a set time again and again ...
How long has this been happening? Is it since jailbreak? Was it doing this before jailbreak?
When I get my iPad it will already been jailbreak and and it will not been crashing before... It will happen after I get my sim card for my iPad this few day ...
Have you tried removing the SIM card and trying it on wi-fi? Does it restart when using any other app, or Safari only?
Haven't I try to remove the sim card because I don't know how to remove it ... XDD
OK. We can leave that for now. So it the problem only on Safari, or does it happen when using other apps?

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Hi bii...I see that Kevin has been giving you great help here. I am going to move this to the iPad help section to allow other members to see this.



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