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iPad 2 HELP!!!


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Mar 19, 2012
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I recently got a new Apple iPad 2. I created a new Apple ID and I chose the store to US. However, when I chose it to US, it asked me for a
address in USA, and I don't live there. So, I went ahead and changed the store to Brazil and put my Brazil address, because that is where I live. I would like to somehow change the store to US so I can get the apps that are not in the Brazilian store. Please can someone tell me how to change the store on iTunes 10? Or, is it possible to transfer apps from one iPad 2 to another? If so, how?

Thanks, your help is appreciated
Just us a USA address when you create the account. Friend of mine in Canada does this and it works for him in the USA store. I also sent him an iTunes card to use instead of his Canada credit card.
So, what do I put in the address thing, I don't live in USA. And plus, the credit card is needed and they will find out it's not USA. Also, I already created a account. Can I change it when I already created one?

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