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Problems with yahoo mail


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Dec 31, 2011
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Hattiesburg, MS
I just set up my wife's yahoo mail on my ipad2. When I go to a mailbox/folder with several messages (20+ and not the Inbox - new email is updated just fine to the inbox), the mail app never finishes updating the mailbox/folder from the server. The rotating timer just keeps on but never finishes loading all the messages for that folder. Seems like some sort of issue between the ipad and the yahoo server. No problems when accessing the yahoo mail from a safari yahoo browser window on the ipad. Therefore, I can never see all the messages in a particular folder, and to clear the rotating timer, I must kill the mail app, reenter and go to another mail account and then back.

Anyone have any ideas here or seen this behavior. If I can't solve this I will have to access the yahoo mail via yahoo in the browser.

Thanks for any input.


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