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iOS 8.3 Glitch Prevents some Bluetooth GPS Receivers from Properly Transmitting data to iOS apps


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Jun 22, 2012
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A fresh report coming from AppleInsider.com informs that Apple's iOS 8.3 is reportedly causing problems with several Bluetooth GPS receivers. Flight navigation software maker ForeFlight said on its website that a glitch in iOS 8.3 is preventing some Bluetooth GPS receivers from properly transmitting data to iOS apps. Here's what the company published on its blog:

"We have learned of an issue with Apple iOS 8.3 that affects some early model Bluetooth GPS accessories, such as the Dual GPS 150 and Bad Elf Pro. When used with iOS 8.3, position information from these accessories may not be delivered to iOS applications, including ForeFlight Mobile. Stratus and Bad Elf Pro+ devices are not affected. Our friends at Bad Elf have escalated the issue to Apple for resolution."

As a workaround, ForeFlight is suggesting the following:

"Customers with Wi-Fi + Cellular iPads who have upgraded to iOS 8.3 can disconnect their Bluetooth accessories and rely on the iPad’s internal GPS or Stratus. Customers with Wi-Fi only iPads who have upgraded to iOS 8.3 will need to wait for a resolution, upgrade to a newer GPS accessory, or connect to a Stratus."

The company also advises not to upgrade your Apple devices to iOS 8.3 if you rely on one of these early model Bluetooth GPS accessories. The issue is said to be affecting 4G-capable iPads, so if you are affected by the problem, you can use a Stratus or the iPad's built-in GPS receiver.

Source: AppleInsider
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