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Internet Connection Wifi?

Vanessa Sunshine

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Dec 22, 2010
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Very new to IPAD and not very technical. My husband bought me a 64GB Wifi Ipad and I love it, but I don't have a smart phone and more and more I find myself frustrated that I can't access the internet 24/7 from my ipad. We have Verizon (but didn't buy their version of the Ipad) for wireless phone service. My husband is too ummm how do I say...too cheap to pay the monthly connection fees (but he did pay for the most expensive ipad out there which I do not come close to needing (hee hee ;))). We have wifi at home and I have it at work (although it is restricted access at work). Is there any cheap way to get internet access? I keep hearing about VPN, and I've gone to some VPN websites, but I'm confused about it. Can I even do this since I only have a wifi model?

Thanks for sharing any information!
VPN is a secure connection between networks. You must already have a internet connect to use it. If you want 24/7 internet access you'll have upgrade to the 3G version of the iPad an pay the monthly fee:(

Best Regards,

So, you have wifi at home and restricted access at work, but you want access other places, correct? I don't know where you live but there are usually businesses that offer free wifi, like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. I know where I live, there are a number of public buildings, the library, municipal building, arts center as well as private businesses that all have free wifi for people to utilize while in the facility. In fact, in a crunch I have sat in my car outside one of them to access something quickly. Maybe you could check into what local businesses offer free wifi.

I have a 64GB iPad, too, but I also have a T-Mobile HTC HD2 that I can tether the iPad to for internet; as long as I have phone signal.
Now, I would be interested in tethering a T-Mobile handset to the iPad. Is the method you are using, haggisgirl, dependent on the HD2, Android, or something else? I have an aging MyTouch 3H handset with unlimited data that I'd love to tether with.

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