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IBooks - iBook Author Prob


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Nov 7, 2015
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I am creating a couple of ePubs for my own personal use with iBooks using iBooks Author. I do not intend to publish them. I created an ePub, i will call it Travels1. I then used a copy of Travels1 to create Travels2. I changed the title in the Inspector and on the cover page and in the table of contents and the filename. When I send the Travels1 ePub file to my iPad 4 (IOS8.4.1) it loaded fine in iBooks. When I send Travels 2 ePub to the iPad, it will not load into the library. Instead, Travels1 loads up for reading. If I delete Travels1 and then send Travels2 to the iPad, the file loads in, but with Travel1’s title page and name. It seems like Travel1’s cover page is stuck in there. I can only have one of these two books in the library at any one time. I have an iPad Mini with IOS 7.1.2 and an iPhone 4 with IOS 7.1.2 and the books work great, just like I would think that they should. I have spent about 8 hrs trying to figure this one thing out. Its frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it IOS 8.4.1?

I don't use iBooks Author much, but I took a look at it. Here are my suggestions, things that might be worth trying.

Instead of making a copy of the file and changing the file name and title, try creating a new ePub using the New From ePub file option in the Files menu; then modify that file.

There is probably some project identifier in the main file that iBooks Author uses to keep track of what book is what. I have no idea how to change that, so what I'm suggesting is a possible way to bypass it by creating a new project based on the old one, instead of just making a copy.

Another thing that might work is to generate the second ePub on you Mac instead of sending it directly to the iPad; then email it to yourself and add it to iBooks that way (from Mail on the iPad).

That's all I can think of. Good luck.
Thanks for the quick response. I have solved the problem by starting the new iBook from scratch. It did not occur to me to use the New From ePub file option in the Files menu option, which must be what that option is for. I will be doing a 3rd and 4th ePub and will try that with the next one. To your 3rd suggestion, that is the way that I generate the ePubs, sometimes I message the files as well, though email is quicker and more dependable. Thanks again, when I create the 3rd book using the New From ePub file option in the Files menu, I will respond to this thread again, Again, thanks for the quick response.
I'm glad you got it solved, though doing it again from scratch had to be irksome. I look forward to finding out if my suggestion works.
I finished my second Epub. I duplicated it and renamed it and made some changes and exported it. I was able to Email it to myself and open it on my iPad. It still has the same cover on it but the file name is renamed to the new one that I named it. Technically the suggestion does work, however I can not create an ePub from it, it just changes it to an iBook. Typical of Apples inflexibility. Its easier to just create a new one, and that is what I will do until Apple abandons the ePub altogether. Thanks for your help.

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