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iAds ?!#


I have to disagree. This is about money, but I don't think there is a huge amount of concern about the jail-broken apps market. It is just irrelevant to this model. Ad supported models are becoming essential to many developers, whether in the app store or not. As a solo developer without limited time (not my day job) and resources, the idea of adding an API into an app and being able to release it free to get quicker adoption by the mass of iUsers and generate some revenue is a fantastic model.

At this point it does not fit into the app that I am working on, but it opens up possibilities for future development that were not there for me before. But knowing that if I choose I can take a 60% split of ad revenue on my app, just might make it appealing.
I would expect the apps category to influence adds displayed if nothing else.

Absolutely! Apple knows that people buying advertising space are gonna want their ads targeted! I'm not gonna spend thousands of dollars to have my children's book that teaches ABC's and 123's advertised on the free version of Call of Duty Biochemical Warfare! What sense would that make? I'm sure advertisers will be able to target ads and knowing Apple there will be some oversight to insure that Sports Illustrated isn't advertising their swimsuit issue in the free King James edition of the Bible app! =)

If the ad banners were tiny and unobtrusive like they were shown in the demo yesterday... then I'll have no problem with developers throwing that in their free apps. I'll even click on a few ads (that interest me) to help some of those developers out. Even if they show up in paid ads (which I don't necessarily care for)... it won't ruin my experience! I'll politely leave a comment about how I don't care for that in the app review and just not click on the ad! For some reason people think these ads are gonna be popping out of their banners and taking over their entire phone or iPad... well that's not gonna be the case unless YOU click on the banner first.

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