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I need help please


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Mar 1, 2012
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United Kingdom
I have recently installed an airport express, in my house i have 2 iphones, 2 ipads 2 pcs and an Imac, they are all working correctly on wifi with the exception of 1 ipad, which for some reason has an IP address starting 169, it works in other wifi areas but not on my home network, i have tried resetting it, resetting the network on the ipad, but it still comes back with 169, i have no idea what to try next
121 views and no replies, am i doing something wrong or is it such an unusual problem that no one has any suggestions
I'm going to ask a really obvious question here. Have you tried to "Forget The Network" and/or "Renew Lease?" If your one iPad, that is not connecting, is holding an IP address that is distinctly different than your other devices, then it is not connecting to your home wireless. Refreshing and getting a new IP should solve the problem.
...oh yes, you might also try manually setting up an static IP. Make sure all of the other entries match your other devices - same router IP, subnet, DNS, etc., but then set a static IP that is only different in the last set of numbers. For example, my home wireless has a subnet mask of, a router IP, DNS of 168.etc, etc. Just make sure the IP Address does not duplicate any other device on your home network.
Thanks for the reply, yes i have tried forgetting and renewing, i'll try a static IP when i get home, i brought my IPAD to work today and it works fine!
May also want to check your equipment . I have an older router and it will not give out more than a few ips. When I start running 4 wireless devices, things start to not being able to connect. I'm upgrading my router this weekend. See if your able to get additional wireless devices onto your network (besides the iPad). That will take this snafu out of the equation.

what you are describing is what happens when a device is not given an IP from the DHCP server, in your case it would be the router.

Make sure its connecting to your network and not someone else's
make sure your router is giving out IP's via DHCP and that its set to give out enough IP's for all of your devices.
make sure your iPad is set to use DHCP.

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