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  • Do you have programming experience? And/or objective C/Cocoa experience? I have been programming for a long time but am just learning objective C. My apps will be more mundane, engineering applications probably. I ask about the C experience as if you are new to it (as I am) I was wondering if you had a good way to learn it? Ive downloaded a few books off the internet and am working my way through them. By the way, my macbook pro has a 15" screen. That is probably essential for coding work as I like to have a couple of windows visible at least- but it does make the computer a bit more bulky to carry around.
    I haven't fully decided, but I am leaning toward a MacBook Pro. I appreciate your confidence in my language app idea. I am also thinking about some tourist related apps... tours of places from the viewpoint of locals. I used to live in Alexandria, Egypt... I could easily put together materials on what to see and do in Alexandria and Cairo - how to get around the city. The same would apply to Kuwait City, Istanbul, Moscow, Yerevan, Tashkent, Busan, Seoul, and many others. I spent last summer in Italy and France, so I could add them too, especially since I have local friends there. Anyways... I would like to take advantage of what I already see and do, and where I live.
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