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I Cloud and Windows XP ,,,, update


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Apr 21, 2012
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:eek: Alert for those of you with Apple Ipads/Iphones and base PC with Windows XP (and,mobileme) -----

For those poor suckers with the mixed system of PC with Windows XP and,,,,, you have an IPhone/IPad with mobile me,,be , very careful for the upcoming ICloud June change over. Yes, you must have either Vista and/or Windows 7 on your PC to be able to convert from the old system (obsoleted) to the new Cloud. If you have XP,, you are screwed. I cannot tell you if the various 'work arounds' on the net work. Comments?? If you thought you could upgrade to the new upcoming Windows 8,, no way,,, that is after the Apple conversion date in June. If you thought you could still buy Windows 8 later and still use your Mobile Me/ ICloud "mixed" platform..... NOT ! Windows 8 is not and will not be compatible with the apple cloud/mobile me platform. So, you may be OK if you have Vista/7 short term,,,but, if you maintain you PC Windows platform longer term eventually you too will be screwed. Choices: if you have vista/7 ,you are OK for the meantime; if you have a XP, you cannot change over in June; you could dump your old XP platform and move to total Apple compatibility; you could dump apple and move to new tablet,computer base station/laptop,phone. Apple is adding at least 50 customer service folks to "help" you . Look for many tens of thousands of very irritated customers in the next eight weeks. :confused:
Please advise with directions and /or corrections. Thank you....
regards. :eek:

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