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Mar 8, 2012
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Having started with BBC Model B, I have grown up with Microsoft, DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

A year or so ago, I got a Blackberry phone on contract at he same time a work mate got an iPhone. Within a week, I had to get one, an iPhone 3. I was hooked. What then followed was an iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPad 3 and finally an iMac 27in. My Windows 7 PC is in the garage. My only problem is when I go to work, I have to deal with the works IT Windows based IT infrastructure!

Hello to you all.
Hello-great intro as to how you became hooked on Apple products! :rolleyes:

Welcome to the iPadForum! This Forum offers so much information related to the iPad and its use. The IPF has many discussion topics related to: Acessories, Help, Apple News, Hacking, Gaming, Business/Education, Special Needs and Health.

The iPadForum also includes a Regional Ipad Group for international users across the world. This is a wonderful area to "find" members from your own country.
Regional iPad Groups

If you have not done so, please take a look at the iOS 5.0 and 5.1:
iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5 by Apple Inc.
iTunes - Books - iPad User Guide for iOS 5.1 by Apple Inc.

Finally, please read the rules!
Forum rules - everybody please read!!

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