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How to read html file on ipad 3rd generation


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Aug 31, 2012
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Guys i have a textbook on my laptop and this is the file type on my computer: " compiled HTML (. Chm) "and i want to read the book on my ipad. I usually use ibooks and adobe for pdfs but for this format i am stuck. Is there a way, or even a free app i can use to read the book on my ipad. Help. Thanks


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At work, we're using GoodReader, which'll run you about $3.99 IIRC. Alternatively, you can try FileApp from the AppStore. It's free but I've never had any dealings with it.
That is a compiled html help file. AFAIK, you need Internet Explorer to read it. Read it on your laptop.
A quick search for "chm" in the App Store reveals many apps which can help you read Microsoft Help files on the iPad! Some of them are free!
There sure are! Like 20 of them or so.....wow.
Wall thanks guys, searched " chm" , found some apps. I am to try put the files when i get home. Thanks a lot

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