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How to copy DVD (movies) to iPad?

Handbrake is what I use. Windows or Mac, it's great for ripping DVDs straight to iPod/iPhone/iPad and it's free. There is no "iPad" preset in the application out of the box, but I find that the "Apple - Universal" in Handbrake preset works just fine for converting movies and other videos to the iPad.
I also use Handbrake, but there are times when it cannot get past the DVD copy protection and craps out. My general process to rip and encode DVDs is to first use DVDFab (which is also free) to remove the protection and rip the DVD to the hard drive. After this is complete, you can point Handbrake to the rip folder to encode the movie. If you go into the Handbrake forums you will find several very good presets for the Ipad that can be imported and used.
The only problem with Handbreak is that it won't rip commercial DVDs. Meaning most Hollywood DVDs. I use: Cucusoft DVD to iPad Converter which has been extremely good. It handles the complete rip and conversion process. With my desktop I can convert a two hour movie in about 30 minutes.

The problem is I own over 500 DVDs. 8)

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