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Anyone use Magic DVD ripper for iPad Video???


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Aug 8, 2010
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Matthews NC
i have been using Magic DVD ripper to convert my DVD collection (over 400) into MPEG4 for ipod and updated the software and found a new profile for iPad.
Has anyone used this software to convert their DVD's for iPad?

If not what is the best program?

Handbrake doesnt seem to like my system, so i cant use them..

Thanks Guys


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Mar 9, 2011
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Magic DVD Ripper to ipad

I have used Magic DVD ripper for several years, and has been great for ipod touch etc. Recently got an ipad, and resolution etc not so great for dvd already ripped for ipod. However, latest version of Magic (5.5.1) includes all latest profiles. But, as an 'old' user of magic, requested i pay for update when i downloaded and overwrote my old version! If you use an older version of Magic and dont want to pay for upgrade, suggest you do following as a workaround to get the new profiles:

1: Download and install Magic Dvd ripper 5.5.1 (this will overwrite your old version)
2 : when you launch new, may get a message stating " free upgrades expired and have 10 free uses left". Will give you option to download and install your old version. BUT BEFORE YOU DO THIS:
3: From the 'Options' Menu on 5.5.1, EXPORT the Profiles to somewhere on your PC.
4: Close 5.5.1, and re-open. Select to download and install your old version (which retains your registration).
5: launch your old version, and then IMPORT the Profiles from where you stored on PC.
6: Close and re-launch. You should have all new profiles in old version of Magic???? Now includes ipad and several others.

Am ripping dvd to ipad now, will update later on progress etc

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