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How does the Calendar app work - with iCloud on or off?


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Aug 5, 2011
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I haven't started using the Calendar app properly yet as I'm confused how it works and can't find any manual on how to use it.

There was originally one calendar in it, which I assume was the pre-installed default one - "Calendar" marked as being "on my iPad". But when I turned the Calendar app "on" for iCloud, thinking that doing that is for backing it up, no calendar showed at all in the app. So I turned the Calendar app off again for iCloud since there was none there, and lo and behold the "Calendar" calendar reappeared in the app.

I then added a fake test event, and turned the Calendar app "on" again for iCloud to see if all it needed to appear when "on" for backing up to iCloud was to have an event entered in it. This time I was asked if I wanted to merge calendars, so I said yes, thinking the one calendar called "Calendar" might then appear.

But I now have TWO calendars... "Calendar" and "Cloud", both marked as "iCloud" and not as "on my iPad". If they're supposed to have merged, how come I've now got two calendars and why aren't they "on my iPad"? I don't want a calendar called "Cloud" and it won't let me delete it - if I hit "Edit" > "Delete", nothing happens and the "Cloud" calendar is still there.

I'd be really grateful if someone would please explain how to use the Calendar app, as it doesn't make sense to me.

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