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How can I Upload Photos to Etsy?Is it possible to do this with a remote desktop app?


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Jan 22, 2012
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I have been searching for the app Craftsy or Craft Shoppe, which are not available in the app store :(. I have the icab app and thought there was a way to upload my photos using a different browser besides the one on the iPad. The icab app has so many cool gadgets but I can't find a way to upload my photos to Etsy! I even downloaded Photon, which is another iPad app with flash capabilities . But I cannot find the file for my photos! I am unbelievably frustrated . I'm now considering using my iPad 2 with a remote desktop app in hopes I would be able to connect to my desktop computer and upload my photos this way. Has anyone tried this and succeeded? Is there a way for me to upload my photos using Icab app or Photon? Can someone PLEASE help me?? Thanks

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