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Mar 1, 2010
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I am a long time Apple user (all the way back to Apple IIe days). I feel that Apple has always made a superior product, therefore I have always been a very loyal customer. I currently have a Macbook Pro 17", Apple TV, and an iPhone 3G.

I'm not normally an early adopter, but I'm really excited about the iPAD for several reasons and plan to buy one as soon as possible.
My main reason for getting one is to use as an e-reader, but I also plan to use it to surf the web, send emails, watch movies, and listen to music. I'm just really excited about the potential of such a portable multimedia device - plus, you really can't lose with the Apple "user experience" and the iTunes movies, music, and book integration. Can't wait!
Welcome to the site! I would say more but im just... too lazy right...
Welcome to the site Baron, your use case mimics mine for the most part. Can't wait to just chill with it on the couch.

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