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Hi From Sydney - Awaiting my I pad


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May 27, 2010
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Just a quick Hi to all I have just become a member and I am anxiously awaiting my delivery of my Ipad :D

This morning I got my noticed informing me that my ipad has started it's journey.

At this point "paper work printed at depot" will it arrive early? I doub't it but still hopefull! ;)

Good luck to all with their new toys.
G'day from Brisbane glad to have you on board Please visit the international forum
Yes The ipads have been in Sydney for a week but held until tomorrow Friday for delivery I have a 32 wifi coming however heading to gold coast for the weekend to Broad beach for Blues festival so wont get much time to play with new toy
need assistance please ask
Cheers Colin
If you
Ohhhhh, you guys get your iPads before we do. I'm in Canada and I'm waiting for my iPad to arrive tomorrow. :)
Welcome aboard!
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, its great to be with such like minded people.

Well, it 9.02am here in Sydney and waiting for the courier to arrive. I think I have checked the tracking page about a 1000 times and all I see is that is on route!

LOL It's sad to be so excited for the delivery of a new gadget!!!:eek:

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