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Help copying mail accounts


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May 3, 2012
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Margate. Kent. UK
I've tried to find something in the archive to help - its probably there but I'll be d*amned if I can find it.

I am new to iPad but been a Mac user for a few years. I have a dozen different email accounts - how do I copy the accounts to my iPad? i.e. is there a way that doesn't involve going through each account and setting it up on iPad individually, but something that will transfer addresses, passwords etc in one go?

On my Macmail I have things set so that if I delete a mail it deletes it from the server where the account sits but I do NOT want that on iPad... just to delete from iPad so I don't clutter and can refer to the mail when I get home.

I've just reset my iPad settings to remember passwords once there.

If the answers are already out there can a king member direct me to them... ta