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Hello! New to here, but not to iPad


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Jan 12, 2011
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Topsail Island, NC
Hi everyone! I've had my iPad since May. I'm on the internet all the time with the cell data package. Drove sweet hubby crazy when I bought my iPad! LoL! I started out wanting an iTouch like e e everyone I know has, including hubby. Then hubby made a huge mistake in showing me the news bit on the upcoming iPad. The rest is history. My ipad is my one and only keepsake of my Dad and step Mom, from a small amount of inheritance. I figure even when this iPad wears out, I will use it as a hotPad! :D We go every where together. Even my coworkers had to accept it. Which has turned out good. My iPad has come in handy quite a few times at work! I love my iPad!

Oh! And hubby gets to use and play with it, too! I do share! :D

So. Now I am saving my dimes towards a Zagg iPad case with the keyboard in it. Anyone have one of those? I do have a case, but now I want to upgrade.

I looked around here, loved what I've been reading....so here I am!
You sure are excited and happy about your iPad!

There is also clam case with keyboard that you might want to consider. Let us know which keyboard case you end up buying.
I have the Zagg keyboard case and love it. What I like the most is it is not attached. So I can use the iPad by itself, or if need be use it with the keyboard. The iPad with case is still very thin and lightweight. Keyboard is simple to use and battery last a long time......I still have not charged it, using it maybe 4-6 hours a week for 3 weeks.
Welcome Angel, glad to see you love your iPad as much as I do mine -'cept I am like SP - I prefer not to share - UNLESS I am showing her off to someone. I have been looking at the ZaggMate too. I had my hands on one at BestBuy this past weekend but just could not turn lose of the money for it. You see, I have quite a few covers and what not already for my pad (they are like purses! hehe!) and I am afraid it will end up like some of those covers - sitting in a special box for iPad stuff. I have a skin on mine too and was not sure how or if that would still work, but I do like the ZaggMate. Again, welcome, you will love this site!

I recently switched to an Otterbox Defender case and use it with the Apple Bluetooth (no -docking) keyboard. I love this combination! Camlwood

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