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New here! : )


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Jun 22, 2010
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Texas : )
I am new here and am looking at getting an iPad. Never thought I would really want one, but the more I research it, read message boards....i REALLY want one! LOL

I do have a 2nd gen iTouch and and an iPhone 3G S.

I mainly used my Touch for music....rarely used it for apps...never surfed the net on it....I really never aw the point.

Then when I got my iPhone last dec....that changed how I saw Apple products! Since I have started using my iPhone....i rarely now use my laptop.

So, I am looking into getting the iPad...probably the 32gb s. I am liking that it will have the bigger screen and easier to carry around with me....versus lugging around my laptop. :)

Here is hoping that I get my iPad BEFORE Oct, which is my birthday. :)

Now to talk my hubby into it. LOL

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