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Hello from the pacific northwest..


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May 25, 2010
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Pacific Northwest
Hello fellow iPad bubbas.

I arrived at the iPad after buying and returning two different Sony ereaders, a nook ereader, and bad-mouthing the iPad for weeks.

I was wrong. The iPad is worth every penny and I should have bought it first. I'm glad I didn't because I know exactly what I'm missing in the other ereaders. Nothing,

I bought 2 64GB wifi models. One for me and one for the wife. We're both avid PC users and both enjoy electronic devices as a routine part of our life. Our iPads were bought in addition to, not as replacements for. They are becoming the device of choice for a lot of the things we used to use our laptops or net books for - we both have one of those as well.

Look forward to learning lots here on the forum.

You sound like you came from the mobilereader forums ;)

Much anti-iPad attitude there, and clinging to the old eInk technology.....

Anyway, glad you are here!

PC user as well.... Sold my Sony reader a week after I got the iPad. Sold my Nintendo DS the next week... And only keep my Netbook to sync my iPad, my wife's iPad and my iPhone to. Oh, and the desktop is gathering dust :D
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