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Heading for Seattle Apple land


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Feb 19, 2010
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Murrells Inlet, SC
Going to visit daughter and family in Seattle next week. My iPad will be in heaven. Were are going to Apple store as soon as we can. I might give my daughter a hug before I ask her to take me and iPad to store. :). She understands because we bought her an Ipad two weeks ago. Bringing kids my old HP laptop that I have not touched since the Ipad entered into my life. My one true love is:ipad-front: will keep posted on our dueling ipads. My little buddy will get it's first plane ride tucked away in my over the shoulder bag. :)
That sounds like fun! I'm lucky to live less than a mile from an Apple store. Haven't been since the iPads went on sale but plan a trip soon. Right now I'm spending too much money on books/apps.
Understand that.

I make vow not to buy any more apps and books but can't resist:D

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