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Guess the iPad doesn't have to worry about the JooJoo

in the dead pool soon

Looks like the JooJoo Pad has been delayed. I wonder if this thing will ever hit the market. Lots of hoopla, no product. Turning into vaporware :(

JooJoo Delayed, Still Toast

Johnny i visit last week the company have developed Joojoo (based on the idea of Michael Arrington techcrunch) , they have only bugged prototype and they say they don't know when they will release the device and one friend working there told me privately we don't think the device will come out but our boss let us keep continue to work in it and he insist saying we will release it soon.

Far as i know they have 2 serious problem:
1 the funding
2 the pending justice case with TechCrunch
I think the case with TechCrunch will go away, they don't have much of a case.

The funding, I can see how that would be a problem. Sorry to hear it, I would love to see more tablets out on the market.

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