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GRRRRR....Two times, issues with syncing


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Sep 25, 2011
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I've had my iPad2 for 5 months. About a month ago I connected to iTunes to sync everything and my iPad crashed. I had to reset and reinstall. I freaked at first and called Apple. But apparently, you only get three months of phone technical help free. I went ahead with installing the backup and all was well. I hooked up to sync with iTunes (yes, I didn't sync for a month).

I get "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPad 'my name's iPad'. Go to the summary tab in iPad preferences and click Restore to restore this iPad to factory settings."

Really frustrated that the last two times I've gone to sync I have nothing but problems. Plus, I have downloaded a few paid apps. What will happen with those? And all the contact information I've recently added, will I lose that as well? I'm just so no happy right now.

Any ideas why this issue is taking place? Is this going to be a regular scenario?


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