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GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue


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May 18, 2010
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I'm guessing a different magazine might do better. GQ??? Who reads that?

Lot's of people do, as evidenced by the few on here who mentioned they do. I live in NYC, and while I do like to be fashion forward, the magazine has some surprisingly deep (and sometimes funny) editorial opinions on politics, world events, and people.

Finnedog said:
Give it away for a year, if people like it they will pay for it.
I read GQ. I like the fashion, tech, health and girls. I think the problem is, after reading the reviews is that the production costs are really zero. People say it works just like a PDF. Boring! If people want to charge money for an iPad magazine, it HAS to be cool.

I couldn't agree more. While its nice to see that they made money without incurring any additional overhead, any pdf port of a magazine will ultimately lose out. 2.99 seems like too much to charge for an e-copy of a magazine with no added value aside from convenience. I'm an avid GQ subsriber. make it engaging, and make it interactive, and they'll have my subscription for sure.

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