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GPS Maps?


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May 11, 2010
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When you open maps up on the home screen on the ipad the map app what came with it. Does the GPS work off line with out having to be connected to a wierless or 3g network?.

The 3G ipads have a built in gps. They work just like a handheld GPS. The wifi gps function allows rough estimates of your location, but will also speed up the acquisition times for the satellite GPS.
I have the 3G version so im good to go. Going to try it tomorrow as im going out tomorrow and my brother is taking me and both of us are rubbish at directions so i will test it tomorrow.

There is nothing that great for the iPad better than the built-in Maps application yet, but for turn-by-turn navigation, all the iPhone apps work well.
If using the built in Maps application (Google Maps), you are still required to have a data connection (3G or wifi) because the maps are not stored locally and need to load. While the device GPS can track your location, you wont have the maps without a data connection.

You can use applications which do store maps locally as an alternative, but there isn't many for iPad just yet as someone mentioned. If you have one of the iphone ones, they work as well.

One great one that I use for marine navigation and boating is iNavX, makes great use of screen real estate and GPS works even with no service :)
Does my iPhone 3GS have exactly the same GPS setup as my iPad 3G (64gb)?


Thanks Adam. Haven't yet tried Navigon with the iPad, however it works fairly well with my iPhone. I had assumed the occasional dropout was due to poor triangulation from available cell towers. But since it has GPS I assume those events are just poor GPS reception.

Which leads to the question; might the antenna on the iPad work a bit better, and, are there any passive antennas that actually improve GPS reception?

I suspect there are many that claim to help, but I suspect most do little or nothing.

Certainly love my iPhone... and after 24hrs, the iPad makes browsing simpler on these 67 year old eyes.

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