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Google Contacts won't sync to iPad2


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Feb 8, 2012
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United States PA
I'm new here. I have used my itunes to sync my contacts to my ipad2. It has worked for months. NOW all of a sudden it won't. I created a contact on gmail test. test and it did NOT sync to my ipad. I also noticed that I'm getting duplicate contacts. My next step was to wipe off the contacts on the ipad and try again. It added all of them except for the last changes I made for a few days. It's making me nuts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I've had problems with contacts for the longest time, currently I have gmail set up to sync my contacts. How? I'll tell you.

Settings > mail > add account.

Click "exchange", enter your gmail, pass, etc. When it asks for your server type "m.google.com"

It will ask you what you want to sync (mail/contacts/calendar, etc)

Once this is done, they should be synced to the iPad (if you can't see em when first opening contacts, click the red "groups" ribbon at the top, then select your gmail account.

This is what I currently have to sync my contacts, let us know if it works for you as well.
Phone numbers not syncing

I find when I sync my iPad contacts (on iCloud) with google contacts through exchange, no phone numbers are synced, just email addresses. Also, some contacts are missing. They seem to be ones in which I have entered "Joe and Mary" or something non traditional in the first name field. Also, in testing, adding a new contact in either account has no effect. It is not synced. I use the iPad contacts as my primary list. I am just trying to put the iPad list on google so that they will appear on my android phone. I have exchange set as the default in settings. Tried changing it to iCloud to no avail. What am am missing?

Ps I am new to this. If this question is in the wrong place I apologize.
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I'm not even sure how you are syncing iCloud to Google. It used to be possible with MobileMe, but there is no provision for it in iCloud.com.

If you let me know exactly what you are doing, I might be able to figure something out. I'd like to put those contacts back in sync myself. It never worked perfectly though. The two databases are not one-to-one compatible.
Thank you for trying to help. On my iPad 2 I have my contacts and calendar synced to I cloud. I set up an exchange account and checked calendar and contacts. Mail i left checked under gmail. Calendar works perfectly, contacts does not. In contacts on iPad I now have 3 lists, -All contacts, Exchange, and iCloud. The I cloud contacts are the ones that were originally on the iPad. The exchange list is missing 12 contacts completely and has no phone numbers or addresses, it only has email addresses. In settings-mail,contacts, calendars I have exchange set as the default under contacts. The goal is to move the contacts on my IPad to gmail in order to see them on my android phone.
Ok, now I understand.

The iPad does not attempt to keep the different Contact lists you add synced. Each one is a separate list, synced only to their own account.

If you select the All Contacts list it combines the information of all linked contact entries. By default these are contacts with the same name in each database. This is for display only. It does not actually sync them.

A partial exception is if you edit a contact while viewing All Contacts, or when viewing the Unified contact from the Linked Contacts list (person icon at lower right in contact). Then it will attempt to make the same change on all databases. It may or may not succeed, depending on how compatible the synced databases are; and they do vary. There are things you can do in Google that will not work in iCloud, and vice-versa.

I wouldn't attempt to use this feature to keep two databases in sync. It is unpredictable; and too easy to accidentally edit in the wrong mode.

For your purposes I'd just sync with Google Contacts and leave it at that. While you won't get all the little iCloud extras on the iPad you'll be able to have the same contacts on both your iPad and Android device. Or there may be other services that will work on both. I've never tried Yahoo on Android, so I don't' know how well it would work.
Thanks, I think I understand. But what do you mean "just sync with google contacts"? Specifically, should I leave contacts checked under exchange or uncheck contacts under exchange and let them go through gmail? Neither method seems to move the phone numbers from iPad to google.
Yes, I meant to keep your Google Exchange contacts turned on. I've tested my iPad and Google a few times today, and new phone numbers (and contacts) are syncing on both directions. That is another issue, and one I'm not sure how to solve.

But be certain you added those numbers to the Google contacts, and not iCloud. Select your Exchange account in Contacts (not All Contacts) and see if the phone numbers are really there.
I am now all synced. However, the old contacts from my iPad never synced the phone numbers, even through the exchange account. I had to manually add phone numbers to all old iPad contacts in google. New contacts that I add sync perfectly. Odd . . . Another odd thing, when I set up the exchange account, not only were the phone numbers not synced from my iPad, but old email addresses that I had updated on my iPad were picked up, rather than the current email address. I wonder if others have experienced this? Alls well that ends well, but it was a lot of work to add the phone number and in some cases correct the email to all of my contact records. Thanks again for your help.

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