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Need to Delete All Contacts


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Oct 8, 2011
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I currently sync my ipad with my gmail contacts with all sync. I find that some addresses are duplicated. Don't understand why they duplicate. Some have the same addresses listed four times. Can anyone tell me how to wipe the contacts on my ipad or delete all contacts at once and what I need to do when I re-sync to avoid the duplications?
I can't find it now :)( ), but there have been some threads about duplicate contacts appearing. Our experienced poster, twerp poet, is an expert at this, so hopefully he'll be along soon with some advice. But have a look around the Forum in the meantime and see if you can locate those threads..

I am struggling with the same issue since upgrading to the latest o/s and enabling iCloud. I have not found a solution yet, although have now created duplicates in all 256 contacts on my PC as well. I report this here now only to add my experience to the forum to be 'counted' as it were as one who is also having the problem. Will update if I find a solution, and will watch for any to appear.

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I am not familiear with All Sync, so I can only offer general advice.

Duplication normally happens when you have a mishmash of syncing going on, like Outlook syncing to Google, the iPad syncing to the computer, etc. Instead set things up directly. Choose on source an sync every device directly to that source.

If you have any contact syncing set up in iTune's Info settings, turn that off.

Unless All Sync offeres you some advantage to syncing your iPad directly to Google (like maintaining Groups/Lables, I'd abandon it. You can set your Google account up as an Exchange account to sync contacts. Or if you've done this and are also using All Sync, then be sure to turn off the contact syncing in the account on the iPad.

Anyway, I think you'll get it. You have to make absolutely sure that there is only one path to each device to sync. No loops, branches.

Hopefully that was not too confusing.

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