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Syncing iPad contacts with GMail contacts

Remember, Gmail is not a Microsoft Exchange server. Using the "Microsoft Exchange" selection on the iPad for Gmail prior to 4.2.1 was more of a "hm, wow it works". It now works as intended. Exchange is a Microsoft Server product, not a Google one. I know it doesn't solve the problem, but it should give a reason for it.

I have a full Exchange email account on a service provider that works 100% of the time with Calendar, Contacts and Email. All folders replicated and all data sync'd. Yes, it costs a little extra but as I have had the service for so long, it would be near impossible to try and use something like Gmail.
I know this is an older thread but there is a better way to do this through iTunes.

(Before I did this I deleted my Google contacts since they were not as up to date as the ones on my iPad).

sine I am new I need three posts to post a link, so please xcuse me
Go here for the info to use iTunes to sync your iPad contacts with gmail.

When you have done this once you can reverse back to your PC/MAC address book and then just do it periodically to update gmail
I recently sync with gmail contacts and I want to share my experience.
The contacts are syncing both ways.
First I notice that some contacts in gmail were not showing in iPad, then I realized that gmail contacts are separated in groups and that only the "My Contacts" group is actually sync the other groups are ignored.

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