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Frozen screen with icloud notification


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Jan 27, 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

My sons ipad has a frozen screen.A notification has come up from icloud saying there isn't enough storage space to back the ipad up and says got to settings or close. Both settings and close illuminate when you touch them but it doesn't do anything. I'm unable to power off as the screen is unresponsive although it did allow me to close the apps that were running. I thought the best thing would to be to allow the batter to run out so it would power off but there is 80% power remaining and as it cant be used i'm not sure the battery power will run out? Can any one offer me any advice as to what I can do?? Thanks :)
Try to hold the home button + power button it will probably shut it down, hold both buttons till your iPad is shutdown or reboots it will take a few seconds

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For the future (in case you don't' know), go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage, and choose your Device under the Backups list.

Under the Backup Options turn off anything you don't care about (being backed up, that is). This will let you reduce the file backup size so that it fits in iCloud again. You can also delete the current backup here.

You should also check Settings > General > Usage and look at how much data each app is storing. Identify problem apps and go clean out unwanted files. Movies in the Photos app are a common culprit. Save them off the iPad first, if they are keepers.

If you tap on an app it will sometimes show you a breakdown of file types and/or locations. The Photos app will. You can also delete apps from here, so be careful. Just don't' tap the big red Delete button by accident. ;)
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