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Finally joined the Apple Fam!


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Aug 1, 2010
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hi everyone, after many years of admiring Apple products but never purchasing one, i finally jumped in with both feet. after being sold on this product by my brother, i decided on a 32gb Wifi iPad, my first ever!

by the time i made up my mind to buy one, there were no retail units available within 500 miles, so i ordered directly from Apple - what an agonizing wait that was! but once it was finally in my hands, it was all worth it.

i jailbroke mine within hours of receiving it, using info from this forum, so thanks to all who were instrumental in that. now i'm excited to release the full potential of this AMAZING device. so far, i've purchased the official Apple case (not too happy with the edges, not comfy to hold), a nice screen protector, and a neoprene sleeve.

i'm so in love with this thing, i want to take it everywhere. the screen is GORGEOUS and i can't get over how smart the design is. Apple hit a home run with this thing, i'm thinking of buying a second one someday, my wife brings this to work everyday, and i think i want one of my own... heheh.

well, glad to find this site, looking forward to learning and sharing as much as i can.
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Heh these things are addictive. I'm going to have to buy another so I can play on this one. The family keep grabbing it from me despite four other computers in the house :(
Yup, yup..had 2 lock it away frm my kids!!! Or else, e batt is always drained when I need to use it!!! :-D
yeah, the interface is so much more fun, i'd much rather use it than my old laptop! my wife brings it to work everyday, so her co-workers get to use it more than i do. i gotta get my own.
Welcome to the forums:). Ya sometimes it's really annoying when people take it all the time.

Relative: Hey, is that the new iPad?
Me: Yea.
Relative: Can I... Touch it?
Me: Yea sure.
Relative: Thanks...*play with it* *return it after 4 hours* *Leave*

the next day he asks immediately: hey where is the iPad?
Me: -.-'' here...

It's amazing how I did not find any one among the 18 guys/girls who played with the iPad and didn't like Plants vs Zombies HD. All of them were addicted to it:D.

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