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eSIM / T-Mobile problem


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Aug 4, 2021
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Brand new iPad Air 4 that I purchased at The Zon. (Where else? :) )

Needed a little bit of cellular data backup. Used built in Cellular Plan Setup under the Cellular Data tab.

Set up a Truphone prepaid plan. Loaded, wouldn't connect to a cellular carrier. Learned it was searching for T-Mobile.

Set up a T-Mobile prepaid plan. Loaded, wouldn't connect the cellular system. Spent hours on phone with Apple and T-Mobile. Apple is sure it is T-Mobile problem. T-Mobile doesn't have a clue about eSIMS and prepaid data plans on iPad tablets. They can only work on problems with an account number or telephone number. Prepaid data plans on an iPad have neither.

I have put a T-Mobile SIM in the iPad, it connects, so it is not a coverage issue.

In desperation, set up RedteaGo prepaid plan. It uses AT&T, It connected and works fine. Trust the Chinese to succeed where America fails. :(

Am I the only iPad Air 4 that cannot connect to T-mobile using an eSIM from an application that Apple provides on their iPad Air 4?

Don't even get me started on Verizon.

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