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Digital Copy - Transfer or Share Possible?


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Jun 1, 2010
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Long Beach, MS
Suppose I by a DVD or set of DVDs and it has a Digital Copy option.

I can enter the code and have transferred to my computer, either from the extras DVD or the Internet, a good digital copy of the movie.

I have the option of doing this with Windows Media or iTunes.

Since my wife has an iPad, she might also like to view the movie sometime.

Can a Digital Copy from either Windows Media or iTunes be shared or transferred to her for viewing on her iPad?

I know I can pop the DVD in, proceed to rip it and put it into a format for viewing on an iPad. I do that all the time, but can I do what I'm asking with a true Digital Copy?
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Windows Media? No (at least I haven't found a way to do it yet). I don't know what movie viewer Android tablets use but you may be able to put it on one of them.

iTunes? yes. All you have to do is connect the iPad and move the movie over to it. This can be done with an automatic sync or manually just like with music.

You can only chose one format at this point, so I would chose the format that will work with most of your devices.
Since getting an iPad, I've been selecting the iTunes version.

But, what I mean is, since the movie would be in my iTunes under my username, is it possible to just transfer the file to her computer, have her import it into iTunes and it will play on her ipad or is it protected with some kind of DRM that would prevent it?
As long as her iPad is not set up to automatically sync movies I would think you could just hook up her iPad to your computer/iTunes account and manually transfer the movie over. I did this with my Niece's iPhone when she came over the other day.

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