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Developer Help: Web Page Issues


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Mar 26, 2011
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First, mods, please move to a different forum if more appropriate.

Problem: I have developed a basic web site using GoDaddy's Website Builder V7. See it here -->Moderator Edit: no external links, please read the rules It is not "iPad aware or optimized in any way since I have very little control over HTML, etc that is generated. All the pages appear to display properly, however, I have two problems I do not understand.

1. When trying to scroll quickly, ie. swiping down or up, the page only scrolls about 5 or so lines at a time. Is there something in the page that controls or prevents smooth scrolling?
2. When in the middle of the page, touching on the black title bar at the top of the screen does not snap back to the top of the page. Like above, is there something that controls or prevents this?

I can make some minor HTML additions if necessary, but I do not know what causes this.

BTW.... I am personally using an iPad 2 with 6.1.3, and my wife's iPad 3 does the same thing.

Thanks for helping a neophyte.
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