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Deleting mail cache

Diane B

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May 8, 2010
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North Carolina
i have an original Ipad pro 12.9 that is only 128 GB (the size of the originals before they increased to 256 GB later)—and got message today I was running out of storage. Took care of as much as possible (hoping there is a gen 3 12.9 at WWDC) but a persistent 8+ GB of mail persists. I have manually deleted several years of archived mail (I have 2 accounts, Charter and Gmail and in advanced set it for archived to be archived on server for both so this does mystify me a bit) and even deleted the Charter account thinking it would delete all data—but it repopulated as soon as I set up account again. I have this terrible feeling that the archived goes clear back to my Ipad 1 LOL. Any thought on controlling deleted email, cache? I’d appreciate any help. It looks to me as though regardless of how I set it up, that it is archiving in the Ipad. My Iphone has only 363mb in mail—for same accounts.

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