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  1. W

    How do I mail iPhone photos to someone?

    I took a few pics that I want to mail to someone. I found directions on the web, but they don't match the features on my iPhone 5s. Can someone provide me with instructions on how to do this? Thanks. WesternGuy
  2. ladymindful

    Can’t Get Email

    My email app has stopped working. I’m no longer getting mail. This happened once before but I forget what steps I took to restore. Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks,
  3. ladymindful

    Can’t Retrieve Email

    I had to change my email password as an app I was trying to enter kept saying my id and password were incorrect. It gave me the opportunity to change my password, which I did. Now I can’t get my emails. What can I do. Help please.
  4. ladymindful

    Can’t Get Mail

    I use gmail for email. It was connected to my apple mail icon but now I get the message mail server not responding. This happened once before but I forget how to fix it.
  5. E

    iPad - Delete email from 1 account, same e-mail deleted from another

    I have 2 IMAP accounts set up on my iPad, one for me ([email protected]), one for my wife ([email protected]). If someone sends the same e-mail to both of these accounts (i.e. both accounts in the "To:" field), then when I look at it, say under the [email protected] account and then delete it, it also gets...
  6. D

    Deleting mail cache

    i have an original Ipad pro 12.9 that is only 128 GB (the size of the originals before they increased to 256 GB later)—and got message today I was running out of storage. Took care of as much as possible (hoping there is a gen 3 12.9 at WWDC) but a persistent 8+ GB of mail persists. I have...
  7. J

    Email trying to download

    My Ipad mini keeps trying to download an email that no longer exists on my gmail account. I have tried to delete this email, move it to junk and to trash with no success. It appears to delete or move, but then I get a message that that action can't happen. I'd hoped the new update 10.3...
  8. xpda

    How can I configure my iPad to direct messages with "[Spam]" in the subject to the Spam folder?

    My email server marks potentially spam messages with "[Spam]" in the subject. How can I configure my iPad Mini 4 to automatically move these messages to the Spam folder?