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How can I delete MailBox Folders in Mail ?


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Oct 31, 2010
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On my exchange I got lots of folder where I saved various kind of letters. When I was setting up my Mail on the iPAD , it synced with my Exchange application, on the PC (or Server) and transfered all my MailBox Tree. They are all empty of course. I don"t need most of them on my iPAD, I do know that I can transfer mail from InBox to a specific folder, and it will do the job on my Company server, which is great. But as I mentioned , most of them are old archives. So I'll never transfer anything into these old Folders.

For the life of me, I couldn't find a way to delete them from my iPAD.
Any Idea ?

I set up 3 different accounts on the iPAD. Exchange WORK. Gmail, And My Wife's Exchange. It Works Great. Apple did made a good work here.
Here's the solution

First Open your Inbox on the iPad then open the message you want to delete.

3rd step is swipe on the message title and tap on delete or just open the message and tap on the small basket figure.

Moreover, if you want to delete multiple email messages, then tap †Edit “, select the messages you want to delete and then tap on Delete.

This method can used for deleting messages in the iPad inbox.
As far as deleting folders you just havetoo delete them off the server. There isnt any way (that I know of) to setup specific folders not to show up on the iPad.
Is there a way to retrieve a message that I mistakenly deleted from my inbox? I can't figure out how to open the deleted folder. Thanks.
Art Femenella

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