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Create Settings Shortcuts on Your Home Screen Without Jailbreaking


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Aug 30, 2010
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Western NY state (USA)
Just wanted to share something I found on the Interwebz - the ability to put Settings shortcuts on your iPad. I’ve added the short cuts to, with one click, go to the Settings app so I can turn on/off Bluetooth, VPN, WiFi; turn on Airplane mode and change the Brightness.

Here's the link that describes the process:

Add Custom Shortcuts to Your iPhone’s Home Screen Without Jailbreaking | Cult of Mac

A couple of things:

1) Yes, you'll have to buy the Icon Project app ($.99, USD), and it is an iPhone app (you'll have to 2x it up on the iPad).

However, I also have made this work with Touch Icon Creator, which is the same price (and I already had it). So, if you have a similar app (where you can create custom Safari bookmarks for your home screen), it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Might work...

2) I have tested this and verified it works on: iPad2 (iOS 5.0), iPad2 (iOS 5.0.1), iPhone 4S (iOS 5.0) and iPad1 (iOS 5.0.1, jail broken). I couldn't tell you if this will work on iOS 4.x. I don't think so, as I believe this is an iOS 5 thing - but you could try it.

If you're a jail breaking fan, anxiously waiting for an iOS 5.x JB for the iPad2 (or the iPhone 4S), this may help. It's not SBSettings, but it'll do until...

If you're NOT a jail break fan, or don't want/don't care about jail breaking, this is still a great way to put some Settings shortcuts on your iPad for quick, one-press access.

I must admit, it is nice to press an icon and be instantly transported to the WiFi settings or to Bluetooth. Very handy!

As usual, and as always. YMMV.

Thanks! This is brilliant! Love being able to get to frequently used settings quickly. Making the icon is fun and easy with the URLs in your link.

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