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Could the iPad mean the end of rear entertainment systems?


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
iPad could cripple in-car DVD sales - chicagotribune.com

iPad could cripple in-car DVD sales

By David Thomas, Cars.com
April 20, 2010

Could the iPad mean the end of rear entertainment systems? That question came to mind when I first got my iPad and played around with it for an hour or two.

I'm not advocating using an iPad while driving. Distracted driving is bad enough with an easy-to-hold iPhone; there's no way a driver could grasp an iPad in any way that wouldn't be ticket worthy. Although a Toyota Tacoma owner actually mounted one onto his dash, the iPad is way too big for an aftermarket car bracket if one existed. Using it as a GPS looks to be out of bounds.

However, a passenger could easily track a trip via the GPS feature of 3G-equipped models. Those aren't on sale yet and cost $129 more than basic Wi-Fi models, which start at $500.

If not for navigation, how could the iPad be used in cars? I see the big breakthrough in the back seat, and it could prove to be a serious problem for automakers that charge a ransom for rear entertainment systems.

Hit the link if you want to read the whole copy righted news article.

After you give it some thought drop back and give us your opinion on the iPad as a viable alternative to an in car entertainment system.

My big question, wouldn't they be instant targets for car burglars?
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No, the iPad won't replace factory-installed entertainment systems. Perhaps some will opt to mount the iPad facing rear passengers much as people did with portable DVD players, but it's a cumbersome workarournd.

I disagree. My kids have always hated to drive in my car on long trips, as it does not have the DVD entertainment system that my wife's van has. Now they are thrilled that they can watch movies (purchased or ripped from our DVD collection), TV shows (Tivo To Go) and games. All on a screen they can hold which provides a wider viewing size than a 10 LCD that can be a long way from the viewer (the teens sit in the front seat, while the younger ones who watch videos sit in the third row seats).

I can only imagine, that this would be even more enhanced by the 3G service if you could tune into Netflix, ABC or some other cloud service.

Then factor in the cost, ability to take it with you when you leave the car (i.e. finish watching the movie in the hotel room -- can't tell you how any times we had to sit in the parking lot till they finished the last 20 minutes of a movie) and versatility and I would never again consider buying a manufacture mounted "entertainment system".
As a replacement for rear entertainment systems, it would be a natural. A factory system can cost more than two basic iPads. The capabilities of the iPad far exceed a dvd system. And with the future of built-in mifi in vehicles, you do not need to spend that extra $130 per.

As for dash units, there are many cars that could make use of iPads to replace GPS systems or other functions. Installation is going to have to be more professionally done, but they can have their advantages. I can see a move for car manufacturers to install iPad specific applications much like they do for iPods now. Don't forget that one manufacturer's gimmic was the use of the iPad for the owner's manual on their luxury model.
CG, Seadog....you may very well be right. My impression is gleaned from the idea that built-in systems are convenient for the trip and probably will evolve to wireless communication systems. Certainly I can imagine that families would avoid the built-in option now if they had just purchased an ipad (or two).
The iPad has been in the marketplace for less than a week and it’s already a game-changer. Our friend David Thomas at the blog kicking tires recently got his own iPad (lucky guy). He says the iPad could cripple the sales of rear entertainment systems. Here’s what he wrote:
Could the iPad mean the end of rear entertainment systems? That question came to mind when I first got my iPad Monday and played around with it for an hour or two.
I don't think so!

I second the "I don't think so". For one thing, I wouldn't leave my iPad in the car on a regular basis. Tough to go to dinner or the mall and carry that thing around with you just to avoid leaving your iPad in the car. The valet at the restaurant might thank you if you do though .....

Built in systems are way too convenient and can't be (easily) stolen. I do feel that the iPad will put a significant dent in the sales of those in those cheesy looking cheap "mount your portable DVD player to the back of your seat" systems though. Portable DVD players might also be a tougher sale from now on too.
How about thinking of this from a different angle?

I can certainly see auto manufacturers accommodating the ipad as an input device, the same way they do for audio these days.

While they will still find a way for you to pay an extra $1500-2k for the factory installed monitors/system, you will most likely just be hooking your ipad up as the source of the content...
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I am seriously thinking of seeing if I can tie a USB or iPad connector into my factory car stereo. If so, I have a dash storage tray that is about perfect for the iPad. I may even be able to do a flip up holder to use it as a GPS.

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